Number of burglaries increasing significantly. Mitech offers effective solutions.

In 2017, the number of burglaries reported in apartments stood at 214,000, with an average of one burglary every 2.45 minutes. Meanwhile, the number of burglaries in commercial establishments stood at 96,000, with an average of one burglary every 5.48 minutes.

The safest and most reliable alternative to counter the phenomenon of burglaries is to resort to technology, or rather, state-of-the-art alarm systems that are able to anticipate burglaries and respond effectively, even to latest generation attacks.

We are referring to technologically advanced alarm systems that use anti-intrusion sensors and barriers that are able to guarantee functionality, stability, reliability and operational continuity.

MITECH has a long track record in the field of anti-intrusion sensors and barriers, offering a wide range of solutions designed specifically for all needs, such as the protection of residential units, commercial areas and industrial sites, going as far as the defence of susceptible areas.

MITECH works with passion and commitment to create technological products that are able to transform spaces into secure and serene environments in which to live. Because quality of life comes from safety in our own homes and in our places of work.


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